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Frame Masters Ltd

21516 Main,
Matteson, IL 60443


(708) 481-3550

(708) 481-3550

About Us


Our History

Frame Masters Ltd was established in 1977 in Matteson, IL by Bob Barber and Karen DeWitt. Three years later, the team was completed by the association of Carol Givens. 35 years later, nothing has changed but the growing number of customers.

Meet the Frame Masters Team

Bob Barber is the ‘face of Frame Masters’. You will more than likely be greeted by Bob when you visit the shop. “I love what I do and after 35 years I am still eager to go to work every day! Each person who walks in our door has a unique story to tell about the piece they are framing. The personal accounts they share make each day an exciting journey.”

Karen DeWitt is the administrative force behind Frame Masters. After stepping down from the daily tasks of selling side-by-side with her husband in 1987 (due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis) Karen manages most of the paperwork from her home office. Still an active studio artist, Karen displays some of her artwork at Frame Masters.
Bob and Karen, 1977
Carol Givens is an outstanding and skilled member of the team. Her years of matting and framing abilities coupled with her artistic talent and sense of design has earned her high praise from the Frame Masters clientele. You may meet Carol from time to time as she leaves the framing room to lend a hand during busy periods or even runs the shop if Bob is on appointment.
Click Here to View artwork by Karen DeWitt